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 Thai Massage NYC  Best Authentic Thai Massage in New York City. Our services are something which everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. Traditional Thai Massage dates back thousands of years for good reason! Thai Massage is an act of giving and compassion. A sense of well-being is generated and received.

Thai Massage is practicing the physical application of “loving kindness.” We are all just as little plants or flowers, living on this earth. The Great Truth of the Universe and of Nature involves sharing and giving, which is at the heart of the Healing Art of Thai Massage.

Thai Massage will help reconnect your mind and body with your spirit. It is a time for you to become still and quiet, and remember who you truly are. By the end, you will have had a deeper experience than just “relaxation.”

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What Our Clients Say:

Fern has the rare combination of knowledge and love for her craft, with sprinkles of joy and compassion. Through her stretching and pressing techniques, my circulation has improved and my body's aches have diminished. I always look forward to my next appointment!

Nora Z. Favelukes

The first time I saw Fern she was exactly what I had been looking for since I moved here and the second she brought in another person. I had never had a massage by two people at once before and it was the best massage I have ever had. I thinks everyone needs to experience four hands at once at least once in their lives. All of the stretching is great too. Gets to every part of the body. She gives a very deep and thorough massage and takes great care and pride. She also gave me a deep hamstring stretch to do daily. I can't recommend her enough.

Gloria S. New York, NY

I have a desk job, I work with computers for long hours and I end up dealing with some kind of postural stress caused by prolonged periods of sitting. More often than not [that stress] tends to manifest in the shoulders, neck and lower back and it has always caused a lot of discomfort for me. My search for Thai massage led me to Fern and it has been over 2 years now and I absolutely love the professional service she has provided. I have found that Fern, Nan and Jessie have slightly different techniques and are experts in Thai massage, in my terminology, they are experts in lazy man's yoga. They have helped me get relief from aches and pains primarily in the shoulders, lower back and neck areas and the stretching that comes with the massage is amazing because the technique they use is the best you can find. I have been visiting them over 2 years now and they are always been there to help me beat the stress and help me keep my desk job i love 🙂 Keep going guys!

Mano S.

Fern and her team are amazing. The entire experience is very relaxing. I have regular back and neck issues and whenever I leave I feel completely rejuvenated. I wish I could go every week but my travel schedule permits only once every two or three weeks. Highly recommend the entire experience!


-I have been to Thailand and spend a lot of time in Los Angeles, where it is pretty easy to find great authentic Thai Massage. This is not the case in NYC, and most of the practitioners who advertise on innumerable sites are young, inexperienced and mediocre. One notable exception is Fern, who is in every sense the “real deal.” Fern is able to work very deeply with massage strokes and stretching with great skill and an obvious knowledge of the nervous system. She works on the floor in the traditional setting. The massage is amazing and healing. She is also an extremely kind and genuine person who takes great pride in her craft. I highly endorse her services.


I have had massage with Fern more than 7 years. Fern and her people are special. They are they really good at Thai massage and other types. But also they are very nice people. You leave knowing something good happened to both your body and mind.

Richard NYC

Fern is a master of the healing arts. Her unique and expert combination of Thai and deep tissue massage is the ultimate physical therapy for worn muscles.

George S. – Manhattan

★★★★★ After many years of getting massages around the world and especially Thai massages in Thailand, I have been searching for a truly great Thai massage in the United States. I finally found the real thing right here in New York City! Her name is Fern; she was born and trained in Thailand; and she now lives in New York. Her massages are fantastic, authentic, and therapeutic. I have been her client for the past several years. Each massage from her has been different because each one has been tailored to what I needed. Besides being an excellent massage therapist, she is a warm, conscientious, competent, and delightful person. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Of the hundreds if not thousands of massages I have had in my life, I can confidently state that she is the very best.

Carol M.

I have tried so many kinds of massage - shiatsu, hot stone, deep tissue. Nothing compares to Fern and her Thai Yoga massage. Not only did I feel physically restored, but I left her lovely space mentally and emotionally renewed. I don't think I will ever go anywhere else for massage.


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