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We invite you to our beautiful Thai Spa offer the best care and promotion of wellness healing. Benefit your health and increases your feelings of will being and happiness. Wonderful quality by native Thai therapists in peaceful Midtown oasis 42nd Street & Madison Ave. suite 501 NewYork, NYC

Deep Tissue Massage


  • 60 Minutes $130  request Fern $170
  • 75 Minutes $160  request Fern $200
  • 90 Minutes $180  request Fern $240
  • 120 Minutes $240 
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  • 60 Minutes $250
  • 90 Minutes $340
  • Includes Classic or Sexy Mimosas, Chocolate, Candy and More
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  • 60 Minutes $180
  • 90 Minutes $250
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Thai Massage at it’s Best. For a Complete Wellness Experience Today.

Massage Therapy

Massage has been shown to increase blood levels of oxytocin and decrease adrenocorticotropin. Increased blood flow to muscle through release of constricting fascia sheathing allows the body to repair and restore tissues impaired by both acute or chronic muscular tightness and compaction.

Increase your oxytocin levels today!

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue

Great for tight muscles, stress, chronic aches and pains. Using firm pressure and slow strokes, the therapist works to slowly penetrate the deeper layers of muscles and fascia. Light, gentle grinding pressure is used to warm up the muscle before gradually increasing depth and pressure as the body allows. Perhaps the most powerful of massage techniques, the therapist will work with you to gradually release scar tissues and fascia.

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Practicing Tradition

Thai Massage

Therapeutic Bodywork using a combination of Deep Tissue and Thai Yoga Stretching with an emphasis on improving range of motion. Unlock your body for freedom of movement, calming the mind, and experience of well being.

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Swedish Massage

Essential oil or lotion is applied in long, gliding, kneading, light touch strokes in the direction of tissue such that tension is released and blood flow is restored to compacted tissues. This gentle approach is well tolerated by most and can be used in combination with other techniques to bring about improved circulation and overall mobility.

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Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy

Using Swedish massage techniques, hot stones are applied in long, circular motions with gentle application of pressure. The heat of the stones can penetrate deeply to relax and release muscle tension, improve circulation and allow for increased feelings of well being.

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Prenatal Massage

Designed for Happy Moms!

Pamper yourself and find relief from the aches, pains, stress and discomfort of pregnancy with a gentle Swedish massage. Side-lying with pillows to provide safe, comfortable support for you and your baby, adjusted just right for you to unwind and find your bliss. The head, neck, shoulders, mid-back, lower back, hands and feet are massaged gently for soothing relief, relaxation and support throughout your pregnancy.

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V.I.P. Couples Massage

Reserve time for your partner and surprise them with a romantic, therapeutic couples massage.

Celebrate an Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays or simply invest in your relationship happiness with rest and recovery time together.
Share a couples room or separate rooms, as you wish. The perfect gift for sharing lives together.

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Ladies Body Scrub Massage

Removes dead skin cells giving your skin a refreshed feeling, softer, smoother, with improved circulation. Body Massage follows for completely wonderful relaxing experience.

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Thai Herbal Compress Massage

Therapeutic aromatic herbs are wrapped into a cotton ball with handle and steamed warm to touch. The steamed herbal ball is then used with gentle pressing, rolling movements. Traditionally the massage starts at the feet and ends with the head. The heat penetrates deeply into the muscles, loosening knots, improving blood flow and allowing for deep relaxation. Aromatic herbs cast their spell and improve your well-being as your stress and fatigue drift away.

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Head, Neck & Facial Relief Care

Natural rejuvenation and recovery for face, head, neck, shoulders and upper back. Warm, steamed vapors soothe facial skin and open pores, followed by deep clean facial massage, then head, neck, shoulders and upper back to restore mobility and ease muscular tensions

The best natural treatment for Office Syndrome / Computer Neck

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If you cancel or reschedule your reservation less than 24 hours prior to your session, we will charge you a half-session surcharge. Up to 24 hours prior to session, you may cancel or modify via call/text to: (315)369-5695

We ask that all guests arrive on time and respect that other sessions may very soon follow yours. Arriving late for your session will simply limit the time available for your massage therapist to provide your service, thus reducing the effective duration of your session and your experience. Your session will end at the scheduled time so as to not disrupt other quests and reservations, unless explicitly agreed upon with your therapist.