Happy Father’s Day

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This Father’s Day Weekend was a chance to get out and enjoy the beauty of Nature along the Hudson River. The sun was shining, clouds drifting, breeze gently blowing, and many people looked happy and relaxed. It was a great chance to get some exercise and be in the fresh air. Take care of yourselves, my friends and enjoy your families.


Are You Giving Something to this Country?

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Memorial Day is a time of remembrance, when we stop and give thanks for those who have sacrificed their lives for this country. We remember today all those who have served in the Armed Forces. They have helped to protect the people and the land. Therapeutic Massage NYC says thank you to all those who have given of themselves so that we may have life as we know it today.

~ Namaste

We’re all just walking each other home

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Each one of us is on our own personal journey in this Life. We set upon a path and meet others along the way.

Practicing a Massage I do my best in helping to improve your health. We share some part of our lives in that moment, and after that it is for you to find your way. Wishing the best for you, want you to be healthy and happy. For in the end, “We’re all just walking each other home” ~ Ram Dass

Happy Mom’s Day

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Message to Mom’s everywhere ~ You have brought new life into this world and for this ultimate gift we give you thanks! Every living Being on this Earth has a Mother. Take the time to say thank you to your Mom, for giving you Life, for caring for you. I remember an old woman I used to visit once a Month. Sent to give the Mom Therapeutic Massage NYC, I saw pictures of Family all around the room. She told me her children never came to visit her, and she seemed very sad when telling me so. It made me realize what Moms want. More than flowers or gifts or dinners, Moms everywhere just want You ~ to be next to her, to hold her hand, to honor her and to spend some time together. Give your Love to Mom!

Life in the Spring Season

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Hello Friends ~ I’ve been out and about with camera in hand, witnessing Life and capturing the Beauty of Spring as it unfolds before us. Everywhere, I see people happy ~ holding hands, smiling, laughing. Bright colors bursting forth, my heart is elated by all I see in this beautiful New York City. Much like the flower, we can open up to show our beauty, bask in the sun, be washed by the rains. Let’s be like a flower for today!

Happy Spring Time

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Happy Spring Time to all people, everywhere! As the buds peek out and the flowers begin to bloom, find happiness in the beauty of New York City. Take the time to walk or bike about ~ refresh the mind and heart after the long, cold Winter. ~ Give yourself some Love ~ Get someone to take care of your body ~ Therapeutic Massage NYC

Visiting My Land

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Going Home to Visit my Land, the Land of Smile! Every year I return home to visit my land, my family, my home, my love. I was a little girl, perhaps six or seven years old the last time I travelled to the village where my Mother grew up, in the East of Thailand known as Isan. Thirty years later I plan to take my Mother to visit her hometown once again. This is a chance for a daughter to spend time with her Mom, and to do something special. We never know how much time we have in this Life before something changes. Give some time to those you love and tothose who care about you. Love You ~

Thai Massage NYC ~ Happy Spring Cooking

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Thai Massage NYC is Happy for Spring, and cooking beautiful Spicy Fish Tacos, Thai Style. Cooking with love, with joy, sharing that loving creation with others makes for a Happy Spring Day. We can have fun, don’t have to be serious ~ we can enjoy the days and practice what we love. This experience of Living is whatever we create it to be. Open your heart, free yourself. Have a Fish Taco!

Thai Massage NYC ~ Happy To See You ~

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Thai Massage NYC by Fern Thai ~ One dear client of mine I had not seen for two years and this week I had the chance to see her once again. When last seen she had been undergoing treatment for Cancer and her mind and body had been ravaged. She needed to be put into a taxi, she could not even remember how to get home. We had lost touch with one another. She recently asked her Chiropractor if he could recommend a Thai Massage therapist, and he told her Fern Thai. She gave me a call the very next day. She looked so beautiful! It was wonderful to see her awake and aware, happy and healthy. In my eyes she is like a flower, looking for water and sun to shine down upon her, so she can open up show the world her beauty. She is in my skin now, fixed in my memory. ~ I love you dear friend and am very happy to see you!

Thai Massage NYC ~ Who is Lazy, Man?

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Thai Yoga Massage could be referred to as Lazy Man Yoga. Sometimes the body is tight and we need to stretch the muscles in order to become more relaxed and comfortable again. Ten to fifteen minutes per day of stretching can be of great benefit, and a yoga practice which incorporates the breath and yoking of the mind all the better. We can assist you in finding ways to open the body through Thai Yoga Massage, and teach you ways to remain open through regular home practice.

Let go and relax

At Thai Massage NYC you can lay down, close your eyes and let us work out the knots while you let it all go. Peace