University of Love ~

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He didn’t tell his wife why they were in my waiting room. It was their 13 year anniversary and he wanted to surprise her with a couple’s massage. As I escorted them into the massage room she looked around and a Big Smile came across her face. After the session she said it felt like someone gave her yoga and a massage at the same time. They left very happy with plans to continue their studies in the University of Love.

Wings for Spring ~

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The muscles of the body can become like a Prison, especially during a long cold Winter. I have been seeing a professional Engineer for the past two months. In the beginning his body was very tight with pain all over, especially in the neck, shoulders and lower back. He started with one hour per week but now asks for a 90-minute massage every week. Today his body cracked open ~ He said that I gave him Wings and now he is ready for Spring!

Valentine Sweethearts ~

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Two people in their late 60’s came in this week for a couple’s massage. They lay together side by side, glancing at one another and exchanging warm smiles, speaking of plans for later in the day and in the months ahead. They had an easy and comfortable way around each other. As Nan and I worked, we talked about how two people can keep their love alive and fresh like these two love birds. Why not do something with your best friend this Valentine’s Day?

Our Practice is Grounded in the Moment ~

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Brrrrrrrrrrr I am Cold!!!
   We cannot control the weather ~ cold, wind, ice, snow. We have little control over getting around the city,  getting to our destinations on time. Yet each day, each new breath, we have the chance to do our best, create something new.
We at Thai Massage NYC promise to give you our Best, each Massage, one Breath at a time.

Therapeutic Massage NYC ~ Join Together

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On the first day of the year we had a beautiful couple who’ve been coming to see me for more than two years now. They wanted to bring in the New Year together with a couple’s massage. It was very nice to see them in the quiet and peace of a New Year’s Massage. Thanks for giving me your time!

Give me a call and we’ll be happy to serve you ~ (917)213-9374

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

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On Thanksgiving Day I was looking through my messages and sending out wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who contacted Therapeutic Massage NYC over the past year. I was having fun, expecting nothing, just sending out the wishes. Over the next few days a couple hundred people returned the wishes! We use just small words, but the impact may be much greater than we can ever know. Thanks to all of you for your kind words, your appreciation, your sharing of the moment!


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~ Am back from trip to my native land and sorting through many wonderful pictures I took. Visiting the old fishing village in Phatthalung was an amazing experience! Taking a Sunrise boat trip was quiet, peaceful and ever so beautiful. The sky reflecting in the water had me thinking: the reflections go together, but sky is still sky, water is still water. They can get along with each other yet they are still on their own. It is the same with people: they can enjoy time together, share, reflect on one another and later they go on their own way. It is our nature to share, to join, yet each is a completely unique and perfect Soul.



Let go and relax

At Thai Massage NYC you can lay down, close your eyes and let us work out the knots while you let it all go. Peace