A little LOVE today!

Be yourself , think for yourself , take care of yourself . Like is about time. Make your body and your soul better today: For tomorrow and the next day. Love You!

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How does Massage help you?

Friday 20/9 at 12:30 Fern: How does Massage help you? Mr. U.N.: For me, I work all day long, and I have no time for stretching nor for yoga.  A Massage is helping me a lot to open up my body through stretching, like someone helping me to do yoga.  I feel very good.  I […]

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What is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage is healing of the body and mind through touch. Its a combination of deep tissue, streaking to balance with your body and find peace. The stretching part of Thai massage is similar to that of Yoga. For people who don’t stretch often you can benefit from the assisted stretching to help your body […]

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