Thai Massage NYC By Fern

Beautiful, private and “ clean “ Thai Massage NYC By Fern Don’t need to go to Thailand. We’ll bring you to relax and experience classic Thai massage technique in the heart of NYC. Book us with in your private room.

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Happy Plumeri Alba

Be nice to each other. Even when someone is mean we do not have to respond with anger. It is always best to let them be and not take it in. The Plumeria alba in Park know how to be….Happy!

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Life in the Spring Season

Hello Friends ~ I’ve been out and about with camera in hand, witnessing Life and capturing the Beauty of Spring as it unfolds before us. Everywhere, I see people happy ~ holding hands, smiling, laughing. Bright colors bursting forth, my heart is elated by all I see in this beautiful New York City. Much like […]

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