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February 2016

The Sun and the Moon

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Each day we take the good with the bad, working with what we have, making the best of all circumstances and giving it all we’ve got. It is from the Heart that we emanate, performing our work and actions from Love.

There are times when conflicts arise, confusions take place, persons and trains running late, and tempers flare. When we are at fault, we can only express our apologies and try to make it up to those involved. When injustice is aimed our way, we can turn the other way, living with peace in our hearts.

Be Healthy and Happy ~

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Each one of us is on our own personal journey in this Life. We set upon path and meet others along the way.
Practicing a Massage we do are best in helping to improve your help. We share some part of our lives in the moment, and after that it is for you to find your way. 
Wishing the best for you, want you to be healthy and happy. For in the end,

 “We’re all just walking each other home”