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January 2015

Our Practice is Grounded in the Moment ~

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Brrrrrrrrrrr I am Cold!!!
   We cannot control the weather ~ cold, wind, ice, snow. We have little control over getting around the city,  getting to our destinations on time. Yet each day, each new breath, we have the chance to do our best, create something new.
We at Thai Massage NYC promise to give you our Best, each Massage, one Breath at a time.

Therapeutic Massage NYC ~ Join Together

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On the first day of the year we had a beautiful couple who’ve been coming to see me for more than two years now. They wanted to bring in the New Year together with a couple’s massage. It was very nice to see them in the quiet and peace of a New Year’s Massage. Thanks for giving me your time!

Give me a call and we’ll be happy to serve you ~ (917)213-9374