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July 2014

Really Seeing ~

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There are times in Life when we truly see, and we feel it in our Hearts. Picking blueberries at Barton Farms and taking pictures today I had that experience. The blueberries go from green to white to purple and then blue, gradually turning from bitter to sweet. In the same way our thinking and emotions may change over time. When we truly open our eyes in the moment ~ Life can be sweet!

Exploring Without Expecting

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Explore but don’t expect. Bruch in Beacon then driving on winding country roads, later found myself at the Housatonic River in Kent, Connecticut. There was an Indian Reservation,  deep woods, waterfalls ~ so much nature and beauty. I did not expect anything yet had such a good time.
  It’s always best to let go of expectations. When you come for your session ~ let go, and let it flow.

Be Patient ~

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Hello my Friends ~ Beautiful weekend outside the city in the Hudson Highlands! Exploring the Farmers Market, found wonderfully fresh locally grown vegetables. Cooking slowly with patience and love, eating outside under lovely skies…..yummy!

Honey Money

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Today we came across a local honey stand. It was help yourself and put the money in the jar. Apparently the honey business is run by a student who uses the proceeds to help fund her flying lessons. She offers something good, something sweet and in return asks only for your honesty. When we practice honesty we get something sweet!