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June 2014

Happy for You, my Dear Friend!

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My Dear Friend Som, who modelled for me in my latest video, is now 5 Months Pregnant and more beautiful than ever! She works hard, never complains, is happy every time I see her, and is always willing to listen with an open ear and a loving heart. Last week I gave her with a big bag of baby clothes and she was so surprised and happy. I know she will be a wonderful Mom!

Thai Massage Is sometime called the “lazy man’s yoga,”

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Thai massage NYC provides traditional Thai therapeutic body work, in ways more restorative, energizing and rigorous than more classic forms of massage. Relax and get improved with my beneficial style which combines Pressure Points, Stretching, and Deep-Tissue Reflexology Techniques, customized to your personal needs.

Experience a wonderful healing and invigorating Massage in my unique style to improve yourself by renewing your body,  mind, and spirit.

Relax today in my private studio next to midtown grand central.  Treatments are by appointment only.

Thai Mass is sometime called the “lazy man’s yoga,”

Happy Father’s Day

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This Father’s Day Weekend was a chance to get out and enjoy the beauty of Nature along the Hudson River. The sun was shining, clouds drifting, breeze gently blowing, and many people looked happy and relaxed. It was a great chance to get some exercise and be in the fresh air. Take care of yourselves, my friends and enjoy your families.