Thai Massage NYC ~ Happy To See You ~

By March 17, 2014Uncategorized

Thai Massage NYC by Fern Thai ~ One dear client of mine I had not seen for two years and this week I had the chance to see her once again. When last seen she had been undergoing treatment for Cancer and her mind and body had been ravaged. She needed to be put into a taxi, she could not even remember how to get home. We had lost touch with one another. She recently asked her Chiropractor if he could recommend a Thai Massage therapist, and he told her Fern Thai. She gave me a call the very next day. She looked so beautiful! It was wonderful to see her awake and aware, happy and healthy. In my eyes she is like a flower, looking for water and sun to shine down upon her, so she can open up show the world her beauty. She is in my skin now, fixed in my memory. ~ I love you dear friend and am very happy to see you!