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February 2014

Thai Massage NYC ~ Balance ~

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Thai Massage NYC loves you to be aware ~ Whatever it is you are doing, whether working, eating, sleeping, exercising ~ Balance is needed, in order to maintain a natural state of health and happiness. Mindful awareness is the starting point to achieving a state of balance in one’s life. Do you practice mindfulness?

Thai Massage NYC ~ Working Together, in the Moment ~

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When I begin working with a new client, I always ask: Do you know about Thai Massage? What happened to you? Do you have any problem on your body? How long have you had this problem? What kind of job do you have ~ sitting a lot, standing a lot? Do you go to the Gym ~ do you work out? These types of questions allow me to help you, to figure out what it is that you need. Sometimes I will tell you: I have to hurt you, sorry, but after the session you’re going to feel more open in your body. As I concentrate on painful areas I work with your breathing, timing the deep tissue pressure to coincide with the exhales. We are working together, in the moment. We share the time ~ the Goal is your Well-Being.

Thai Massage NYC ~ Valentine’s Day ~ Love in a Jar

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Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Thai Massage NYC by Fern Thai is giving love for everyone each day. Love does not mean diamonds, flowers, or chocolate. For me, love takes place in the heart ~ for parents, friends, children, partners, everyone. Love can be an experience of sharing with another, of caring and giving. Sometimes I share my cooking love with friends ~ Love in a Jar!

Thai Massage NYC ~ What’s it all about ?

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Thai Massage NYC by Fern Thai has been offering massage services in the Midtown NYC area for close to a decade, for a variety of clients from many walks of life. The most common ingredient found is a desire for relaxation and the restoration to a greater state of health. The stresses of life become manifest in the physical form of the body, stored as muscular tension and tight fascia, often accompanied by physical pain. Thai Massage offers a means of penetrating the tight web of fascia encasing the muscles, allowing for a restoration of blood flow and increased range of motion for the muscles of the body. Using combinations of deep pressure, kneading motions, gentle rhythmic cross-fiber massage and assisted stretching through Thai Yoga poses, Fern treats each person according to their individual needs.